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Kinoatelje gives the Darko Bratina 2019 award

to the british documentarist Kim Longinotto!


This year's awarded director


In her emphatic documentaries Kim Longinotto takes us into the often unreachable world of girls and women who try to get out of the aggressive grip of tradition, but at the same time never give up in the fight for their rights. She understands and accepts without prejudice the people and their fates, which she records with the camera, along with their culture and customs. She is led by the belief that reality can also be changed with the help of film or because of it.

Kim Longinotto is considered one of the most important authors in the field of documentary film of the past thirty years. From 1976 she directed, filmed and produced more than twenty films that won awards for at all key international film festivals, including prestigious festivals in Cannes, Sundance, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Hong Kong, London, etc.

"I love filming movies about strong women who strive for independence, we rarely see them on screens, but interestingly, wherever I go, I encounter them." Kim Longinotto

In anticipation of the festival ...


Theatre Girls, director Kim Longinotto, Claire Pollak, GB, 1978, 82'

Shinjuku Boys, director K. Longinotto, Jano Williams, GB, 1995, 53'

Divorce Iranian Style, director K. Longinotto, Ziba Mir-Hosseini, GB, 1998, 80'

Gaea Girls, director K. Longinotto, J. Williams, GB, 2000, 104'

Runaway, director K. Longinotto, Z. Mir-Hosseini, GB, 2001, 87'

The Day I Will Never Forget, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2002, 90'

Sisters in Law, director K. Longinotto, Florence Ayisi, GB, 2005, 104'

Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2007, 109'

Salma, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2013, 91'

Love Is All, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2014, 74' 

Dreamcatcher, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2015, 104'

Shooting the Mafia, director K. Longinotto, GB, 2019, 94'

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