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V režiji umetn intelignce

Directed by Artificial Intelligence


Gallery Tir

Jeppe Lange, Denmark, 2022, 13'

Abyss is a chain of 10.000 images found through Google’s reverse image search. The visual development is based on the misunderstandings that happen in the AI’s reading of the image material. The AI doesn’t care about scale, emotions or context but are only interested in patterns, colours and correlations.

We are watching a primal chaos before the creation of an artificial consciousness.

And the awakening consciousness is looking back at us as a species.

Case study:

Drawing inspiration from his videoworks "Abyss" and "Ripples," Jeppe Lange will provide insights into his utilization of Artificial Intelligence as a creative tool in the context of filmmaking. He will also offer a beginner-friendly introduction to neural networks and their role in the process, shedding light on how AI-driven systems like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion transform text into visual elements.

Finally, we'll look ahead to explore some of the upcoming technologies that will probably revolutionize the future of filmmaking.

Novi red, stare meje

New order, old borders


Slovenian Cinematheque, Teatro Miela

A discussion with Dimiter Kenarov, journalist, writer and professor in the Department of Journalism at the American University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Every period in history has its own borders, both physical and psychological. Sometimes they expand, in times of radical political change, and sometimes they stagnate or even contract. One day we have a vision of the future and the next day our only possible horizon is the past; one day we experience time as moving forward and then we enter a cyclical pattern, where everything feels exactly and terribly the same.


How does our shifting perception of borders, and of time itself, affect the social and political order? Could it be that, despite the quick technological advances of our age, we've become stuck in one place. 

Hi, nice to meet you

Hi, nice to meet you!

cross-border gathering of representatives of film festivals

Krainer House

Kinovozlišče - GO Cinema Hub creates an opportunity for cross-border networking of representatives of film festivals from Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The festival scene on both sides of the border is very rich, there are more than thirty film festivals, including those with a long tradition and extensive program, recognized on the European and world map, as well as those that take care of more unique content, genres and film formats in the local environment. Film festivals also act as platforms for the development of film culture in the broadest sense, we support production, distribution and promotion as well as educational activities. We will ponder together why and how film festivals can be much more than an opportunity to watch a film, what our common challenges are and what opportunities can the perspective of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025 bring.


Hybrida Sound & Light

tribute to Mako Sajko & Vittorio De Sete


This year's edition of First Crossings concludes with a multimedia performance by the group Hybrida with a tribute to Mako Sajko and Vittorio De Seta. In 2007, a group from Tarcento, near Udine, started holding shows with slide projectors, computers, video projectors, home-made musical instruments and music modelled after light effects from the 1960s. The performance explores the works of Mako Sajko and Vittorio De Seta by stringing together fragments of visual memory displayed in space accompanied by electronic music.


In cooperation with the FORMA Free Music Impulse 2023 festival.

100 let AF

100 years of Armenian Film


Krainer House

The creation of film Museum of the Union of Film Professionals of Armenia started back in November 2017 by the initiative of the president of the UFPA, film director Harutyun Khachatryan. It is part of the "National Cinematheque Concept" creative educational-cultural-touristic hub.

Special places in the permanent exhibition are dedicated to Hamo Beknazaryan, the founder of Armenian cinema, Daniel Dznuni, the founder of Armenian film production, and Lev Atamanyan, the founder of Armenian animation. The legendary "Fireplace Hall" of the Union of Film Professionals of Armenia is also part of the film museum, where the walls hold original signatures of Armenian and world cinema filmmakers and famous Armenians. Another part of the film museum is the Film Vault, which archives almost 280 films of Armenian and world cinema on 35mm prints, and more than 3000 digitized movies.

sto let armenskega - razstava 2.heic
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