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(Sperrmüll, 1991, 79')

Ljubljana — Slovenska kinoteka, Miklošičeva 4 — 19. 10. 2022 at 18.00

Udine — Cinema Visionario, Via Fabio Asquini 33 — 21. 10. 2022 at 20.30

Sometimes a film takes a different turn than it aimed for. In the case of “Bulky Trash“ Misselwitz wanted to portray an East Berlin punk band drumming on trash and thus talk about the need for social change when history once more overtook cinema and the fall of the Wall not only changed her work but also her protagonists. Especially Enrico, the young leader of the band immediately grows suspicious regarding the offers of the so-called “free world“. He refrains from moving to the West and tries to find ways to protect his cultural identity. His story is by no way an exception but it is a story often suppressed in German discourse about the GDR and the continuing gaps between East and West until today.


© DEFA Stiftung - Peter Mansee

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