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(Herzsprung, 1992, 84’)

Nova Gorica — Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, Bevkov trg 4 — 17. 10. 2022 at 16.30

Set right after the German unification in 1990 Helke Misselwitz’s leap into fiction is a tragic reckoning with racism and reactionary tendencies in a lost place robbed of its identity. The film’s original title refers to a village called Herzsprung close to the freeway between Berlin and Hamburg but it also describes an act of falling in love. The beautifully filmed work follows Johanna, a young, jobless widow who gets in a relationship with a black man working at a diner next to the freeway. Not everybody accepts their love. Although Misselwitz finds some tenderness for all characters, there is a profound despair at work that culminates into a scream whose echoe resonates until today.    


© DEFA-Stiftung - Helga Paris

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