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(Engelchen, 1996, 88’)

Ljubljana — Slovenska kinoteka, Miklošičeva 4 — 19. 10. 2022 at 20.00

Ramona, a lonely somnambul drifter and neurotic daydreamer who loves to watch the world through the window of her apartment, works in a lipstick factory in Berlin. One day, she suddenly gets kissed by Polish immigrant Andrzej at a subway station. He kisses her to get rid of the scent of cigarettes which he is illegally peddling with. It’s a perfect start for a romance, of course, but it slowly turns into a gritty reality check for Ramona. One that she doesn’t necessarily accept and that leads her to extreme measures. Main actress Susanne Lothar (who tragically died ten years ago) lends the character an unpredictable presence making feelings visible that elsewhere remain buried deep inside.    

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