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Kinoatelje gives the Darko Bratina 2019 award

to the serbian directo Srdan Golubović!


This year's awarded director


Kinoatelje presents the Darko Bratina 2020 Award to the Serbian director Srdan Golubović for his
foregoing opus of feature films, in which he portrays lifecycles of post-transitional society with
consistent sensitivity and uncompromising narratives, and reveals the power of corrupt political
and economic systems, which leave behind cemeteries not only of the fates of individuals but also
those of ideals.

In each of his works, he unobtrusively invites the viewer to question which human action put forward on an individual level, so that the latter would contribute to the balance and equality of existence of individuals in society and enable the establishment of unsentimental empathy that has been pushed out of his consciousness.


In the late 1990s, he was imprisoned several times on account of his political and ideological

»Once, because they could not find a better reason to arrest me on that occasion, they
imprisoned me for allegedly stealing my neighbor’s tire. I experience myself as a storyteller. I try to
surprise the audience, scare them, move them to tears … That is why I try to structure my films
and their stories accordingly. I try to establish balance between emotion and reason – I try to keep
these emotions authentic, essential, and not allow them for a moment to become pathetic.

Srdan Golubović


Apsolutnih sto (Absolute Hundred, 2001): Thessaloniki Film Festival, Audience Award; Cottbus Film Festival, Special Award, FIPRESCI Award, Ecumenical Jury Award.

Klopka (The Trap, 2007): Art Film Festival, Blue Angel Award; Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, Best Director Award; Milan International Film Festival Awards, Best Director Award, Sofia International Film Festival, Grand Prix; Trieste Film Festival, Audience Award, Wiesbaden go East, Best Director.

Krugovi (Circles, 2013): Sundance, Special Jury Award; Berlinale, Ecumenical Jury Award in the Forum section, Sofia International Film Festival, Audience Award. Pula 2013 Golden Arena for the best minority co-production, best director and best actor, diploma of the Croatian Film Critics Association. Sarajevo Film Festival, Audience Award. Serbian candidate for the Best Foreign Language Oscar 2014.

Otac (Father, 2020): Berlin International Film Festival, Audience Award, Ecumenical Jury Award.

Srdan Golubovic photo by Maja Medic.jpg

Photo: Maja Medić

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