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(Werner Herzog, 2007, 101’)

On schedule:

Udine - Cinema Visionario, 22. 10. 2021 alle 21.00

Werner Herzog and Peter Zeitlinger with his camera explores the untouched, vast, and brutal landscapes of Antarctica, as well as the people who inhabit its terrain, in this Academy Award-nominated feature. There they meet odd men and women who have dedicated their lives to furthering the cause of science in treacherous conditions. A scientist studies neutrinos, which are everywhere, yet elusive; he likens them to spirits. A researcher's nighttime performance art includes contorting her body into a luggage bag. A survival guide teaches his students to survive white-out conditions by wearing cartoon-face buckets over their heads. Animal researchers milk mother seals as part of their study. Volcanologists offer advice on what to do when a volcano erupts. A pipefitter shows us the anomaly in his hands that he says are a sign he descended from Atzec royalty... They all talk about possibility of life in the future.

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