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(Silvia Zeitlinger Vas, 2008, 104')

On schedule:

Udine - Cinema Visionario, 22. 10. 2021 alle 19.00

Frieda , a therapist, is cheated by her husband Daniel. He makes love with Dorothea. Dorothea is wedded to Philip. Philip has an affair with his scholar Maggie. Maggie is in love to the florist Michael. Michael is married with Barbara. Barbara has a lover, her boss Marko. Marko is engaged with Simone Stern, a singer. Simone loves Leon. All of these secret liaisons could be undiscovered, if Simone Stern wouldn't be anxious to suffer from Aids. Without waiting for the test results, she informs her fiancé Marco about her apprehension of being Positive. Within a few hours the fear of being infected by the disease circulates in this group of people. Lies get transparent, secrets are uncovered, relations break up, Philip even has to pay his flam on his wife with his live. The story of Mikado is a dense, witty kaleidoscope of the today human relationships.

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