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Wednesday, 16. 10. 2019 from 9.00 until 15.00 at Palazzo del cinema, Gorizia

The Masterclass at the 2019 Tribute to a Vision festival will be led by this years’ recipient of the Darko Bratina Award – the British filmmaker Kim Longinotto.

Kim Longinotto’s films are, in one word, fearless. Her entire oeuvre explores the lives of women and their struggle for autonomy and human rights in the framework of very different transnational cultural environments. She does this in the tradition of observational documentary cinema, visual anthropology and deeply empathic feministic films. Her interaction with the subjects she examines is wordless, intense and powerful – it is only thus that she can employ her camera to veraciously present
all the contradictions at the various levels of her protagonists’ lives, both in political and social contexts. At the masterclass, she will talk about how she enters the world of abused women through film, how the film medium becomes a form of bearing witness here and now, why it is better to film less than more, why static shots are crucial for her way of work, what happens when, a meter in front of her camera in Kenya, they perform female circumcision on a girl and she is faced with the insoluble moral dilemma of whether to shoot or not, intervene or not. Are the questions – not only technical – before she turns her camera on the same as those that preoccupy her when she turns it off?


We will watch selected clips from some of her films (Salma, Sisters in Law, Dream Girls, Pink Saris, Love Is All) and a few of her films in their entirety (Pride of Place, Rough Aunties and The Day I Will Never Forget).


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Pride of Place, directed by K. Longinotto and Dorothea Gazidis, 1976, 60’


Rough Aunties, directed by K. Longinotto 2010, 103’ 


Lunch break


The Day I Will never Forget , directed by K. Longinotto, 2002, 90’

16.15 – 17.30

A Close-up: Kim Longinotto’s Films and the Liberation of Women, a discussion with our special guest, Dr Mojca Pajnik, a Research Counsellor at the Peace Institute and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, where she lectures on gender (in)equality and racisms.

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