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(Wer fürchtet sich vorm schwarzen Mann, 1989, 52')

Nova Gorica — Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, Bevkov trg 4 — 17. 10. 2022 at 11.00

Udine — Cinema Visionario, Via Fabio Asquini 33 — 21. 10. 2022 at 18.30

Misselwitz doesn’t interview her protagonists, she encounters them. This film about a small business run by a fascinating woman in East Berlin delivering heating coal to the neighbourhood is a perfect example of her openness. While always making her presence behind the camera being felt, she manages to get close to the innermost fears and hopes of her protagonists. In this case we learn about a world, both cruel and heartwarming, about to vanish and all the difficulties and injustices such as alcoholism and suicides coming with the broken promises of socialism.

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