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Palazzo del Cinema, Gorizia - 20. 10. 2021, 10.00-17.00

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BIRTHDAY r. Peter Zeitlinger, 1979, 8’ - First short animation film by Peter Zeitlinger

„In both documentary and fiction films, I see the world as it is and the mechanics behind it, but I have to condense reality into images, into scenes.“

On Wednesday, October 20th Peter Zeitlinger will present a masterclass at Hiša filma Gorica. He is going to talk about his career as a cinematographer and will be moving along the threads of authorship, collaboration and experiment. Beginning with his studies in philosophy and his rare early animation films, our guest of honour is going to reflect upon his work in documentary and fiction. Does he approach those two modes of filmmaking in different ways? How does he work? How does he adapt to different visions and bring his own ideas into the process of making a film? Besides several clips from his work, Ulrich Seidl’s Losses to be Expected and Werner Herzog’s The Cave of Forgotten Dreams will be shown in their entirety. 

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